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Do I need to remove the filter prior to descaling equipment?
Yes, please remove filter prior to descaling and inspect for integrity. If needed, please replace with a new filter.

I received the filters yesterday. I have opened the boxes. I just simply want to return them. Is it ok?
Yes. We offer unconditional full refund policy. 

The filter has been used for 2 months.  Can I return it?
Yes. It is acceptable.

Do these contain any chemicals?
The pleated filter does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is certified by IAPMO against NSF 50 for Material Safety. The filter removes dust, particles, sediments,sands, rust, Chlorine, which can provide clean fresh tasting water for your family.

I bought the filters 3 months ago.  I just found I have bought the wrong models when I opened the box. Can I return them?
Yes.  No problem.

Is there a filter for removing chlorine?
Certified by WQA against NSF42, the filter can reduce 99% chlorine,sand, scale, rust, sediment, particles. It is certified by WQA against NSF372, and no lead contains in the materials. The filter retains mineral substances which is good to health. 

What is TDS on earth?
A high TDS reading is not a direct indication of the bad water quality, but an indication of more ions contained in the water.
Salty water has a higher TDS reading than tap water because of its sodium ions.  Juice has a higher TDS reading than tap water because of its ions of ingredient. Mineral water also has a higher TDS reading than tap water because of its healthy mineral ions.
Tap water in most areas is safe. Tap water contains certain harmless ions or healthy mineral ions.  Our water filter, like all the original OEM brands, retains these ions in water.  
When you use a TDS meter to get the reading of tap water and the purified water of our filter, you can find the readings have no big changes.  All the refrigerator water filters are designed not to reduce these ions, but reduce the main problem of tap water-Chlorine, Chloride, Odor, etc.