Product Information
Model NO.
Refrigerator fits to
40 sets
Case Weight
30.9 lbs
Case Dimension
21.5 x11.4 x 13.1 inch
Individual Filter Dimension
14 x 4 x 4 inches
Individual Unit Weight
2 pounds
Product Details

PUREPLUS LT500P Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT500P, 5231JA2002A, 5231JA2002B, ADQ72910901,GEN11042FR-08, LFX25974ST, Kenmore 9890, 46-9890, 469890, LFX25973D, LSC27925ST (Pack of 4

ASIN: B072V69G9L

❄️【NSF/ANSI 42&NSF/ANSI 372 CERTIFICATION】PUREPLUS LT500P LG refrigerator water filter is double certified by NSF/ANSI & IAPMO, filtering out 99% Chlorine, odor and improve water taste. The filter is certified to safety standards and Lead Free. The filter retains beneficial minerals in water which is good to health.
❄️【100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE】Six-Months Return Policy Guaranteed! Product Life Time Warranty on Every Filter Confirmed With Defects in Material and Workmanship Within Each Filters 6 Months Service Life. We promise a risk-free shopping experience backed up with our reliable customer service and technical support team.
❄️【SUPERIOR QUALITY】 Food Grade Material Meets European EC1935-2004 Regulations, Australia Water Mark, TUV, ROHS, REACH, BPA FREE Certified
❄️【INNOVATED MULTI FILTRATION TECH】Multiple-layer Integral-Forming Tech is applied in this filter to reduce sediment, rust, and offers certain heavy metals adsorption ability.
❄️【REPLACEMENT】 Compatible with LG LT500P, GEN11042F-08, ADQ72910901, ADQ72910902, LFX25973D, FML-1, LSC27925ST, LFX25973ST, RWF1050, LMX25964ST, 5231JA2002A-S, 5231JA2002B-S, Kenmore filters 469890, Tier1 RWF1050, Golden Icepure RWF0100A, AmazonBasics AMZN-LT500P, Refresh R-9890, WaterSentinel WSL-1, Aqua Fresh WF290, KJ500, DWF-1, RFC0100A, CLCH110, WFEK00015, WF-LT500P, AQUA CREST AQF-LT500P, Waterdrop WD-LT500P, Waterspecialist WS605B, Maxblue MB-LT500P, FilterLogic FL-RF05.

PP-RWF0100A Refrigerator Water Filters

Compatible with the Following Models

LG :

LT500P, 5231JA2002A, 5231JA2002B, 5231JA2002A-S, 5231JA2002B-S, ADQ72910901, ADQ72910902, ADQ72910907, CNZ5231JA2002A, T2004CNZ1648-0019


AK100V, 6572447, 88009234


469890, 9890, 46-9890,GEN11042F-08, GEN11042FR-08

  • Find IAPMO Certification Information:
  • Certificate W-11150, by IAPMO, 2019.
  • Replace your filter every 6 months or 300 gallons to achieve optimum performance.


Makes a Difference

  • NSF 42 for reduction of Chlorine, taste and odor for fresh taste water.
  • NSF 372 for Lead-free material giving you wide range of protection.
  • Retains mineral beneficial to your health,keeping you hydrated and staying energetic.
  • Tool-free installation and leak-free fit.      





High Quality Always
PUREPLUS provides high quality products only.

Cost-Efficitive Always

PUREPLUS is the best priced among the 
highest quality brands.


Safe Material

PUREPLUS only uses 

materials with food grade, 

BPA-Free and Lead-Free.


Happy Kids

Drinking fresh water happily with our kids. 


Happy Family

Drinking fresh water happily with our family. 


Healthy Life

Enjoy our healthy life. 

PUREPLUS Cares about Your Family 

Product description

Compatible Filter Models

  • Other Brand
  • Waterdrop WD-LT500P, AQUACREST AQF-LT500P, FilterLogic FL-RF05, Waterspecialist WS605B, Maxblue MB-LT500P-P, Tier1 RWF1050, Icepure RWF0100A, Golden Icepure RWF0100A, Icepure Pro RWF0100AH, Ecoaqua EFF-6005A, Refresh R-9890, WaterSentinel WSL-1, Denali Pure WF-LT500P, Aqua Fresh WF-290, WF290, K&J KJ500, Dista DWF-1, Swift Green SGF-LA22, AmazonBasics AMZN-LT500P-P, PUREPLINE LT500P.

Compatible Refrigerator Models

  • LFX25973SB, LFX25973ST, LFX25974ST, LFX25974SW, LMX25964ST, LRSC21934SB, LRSC21951ST, LRSP2031BS, LRSPC2031BK, LRSPC2031BS, LRSPC2031NI, LRSPC2041SW, LRSPC2051BM, LRSPC2051ST, LRSPC2331BK, LRSPC2331BS, LRSPC2331NI, LRSPC2331T, LRSPC2341SW, LRSPC2661T, LSC23924ST, LSC26905SB, LSC26905TT, LSC27914SB, LSC27914ST, LSC27914ST01, LSC27921SB05, LSC27921ST, LSC27921SWXOO, LSC27921TT, LSC27921TT00, LSC27925SB, LSC27925ST, LFX25778SB, LFX25973D, LFX25974SB, LFXS24566S, LFXS24626D, LMX25964SS, LRSC21935SB, LRSC23915SW, LRSPC266IT, LSC20913SW, LSC21943ST, LSC23924SB, LSC23954ST, LSC27910SB, LSC27911ST, LSC27921SB, LFX25778ST, LFX25778SW, LFX25973SW, LFXS24626S, LSC27911SW, LRSC21934SW, LRSC21934TT, LRSC21935SW, LRSC21935TT, LSC20913TT, LSC23924SW, LSC23954SW, LSC26905ST, LSC26905SW, LSC27910ST, LSC27910SW, LSC27910TT, LSC27914SW, LSC27914TT, LSC27921SW, LSC27925SW, LFX25973, LSC27910, LSC21943, LSC23924, LSC26905.

Please note this is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.